Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Flat Earth - Why does it matter?

Flat Earth Explained - Why it Matters (Transcript)

[COUGH] well you about gender aiming ~~~~~~~

0.04 - 5.57
which is the most brazilian parasite an idea

5.57 - 11.7

11.7 - 16.17
[SMACK] idea from the human mind

16.17 - 20.13

20.13 - 25.54
the idea ~~~~~~~ could transform the world right although

25.54 - 31.07
[UH] which is why

31.07 - 36.71
i have to steal it ~~~~~~~ hiding something [UH] to find out

36.71 - 44.12

44.12 - 47.14
[COUGH] you've got to big that you're in the kids

47.14 - 49.91

49.91 - 53.88
it was not ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

53.88 - 62.08

62.08 - 66.4
i know we have still not shattered that has been hardest glass ceiling but someday someone will and hopefully sooner than we might

66.4 - 77.32

77.32 - 83.58
as the galaxies go whizzing bike over the glass going ceiling them tell me that does work for you

83.58 - 88.75
being a living

88.75 - 92.65
if it's true does it change how i live my life

92.65 - 97.8
this is something that is not an easy answer because of the magnitude of what we're talking about here how it will change your life first of all when you understand it is dramatic to save at least

97.8 - 110.25
well it changing from having you go to your job everyday things that you typically do every day

110.25 - 115.03
you know but with

115.03 - 117.7
this knowledge becomes are being stream and these agencies her starting to be held accountable and

117.7 - 125.7
you understand that their whole participating in this

125.7 - 129.38
i'm not just the united states go over with not just a acid china russia

129.38 - 133.53
the india all that our space programs they all have the same simple as of their all and the exact same thing that the city and the first thing

133.53 - 142.05
you have to understand about this is that the deception

142.05 - 145.47
because all the way to the time and when you see all the way the top you have

145.47 - 149.85
the notion that the people at the very

149.85 - 152.99
they just bubbles are working together

152.99 - 156.51

156.51 - 165.67
why would they do this why are they trying to hit the fact that

165.67 - 170.42
we are hundred years for a nuclear all the letters rather than if all well

170.42 - 176.18
if you isolate people into the idea that there on a new horrible that's in the middle of a universe that is really insignificant and there's

176.18 - 184.1
thousands or millions of billions of other worlds and possibly other civilizations

184.1 - 188.18
that makes most people think that we are to sink and that we did actually come about as some sort of attacks to this

188.18 - 195.2
now when people believe that their minds are much valuable into being given

195.2 - 201.11
the idea that there is no god that there is no create a

201.11 - 205.07
and because of that that also gives controllers this puzzle soil to build other deceptions

205.07 - 212.92

212.92 - 220.68
what do you think [UM] [COUGH] ever done closed

220.68 - 225.02
[SMACK] permissible [SMACK]

225.02 - 228.37
we accept the reality of the world [SMACK] percent [UH] is something is that

228.37 - 232.91

232.91 - 236.62
it's about total control mental physical spiritual every way shape impossible [UH]

236.62 - 246.29
and remember how big of of conspiracies says i'm talking about just the jeff k thing or isn't talking about just nine eleven it's on in them

246.29 - 254.33
system to where it is the biggest deception that there is it actually exposes every other deception and nothing else brings down to power

254.33 - 262.81
only because it really exposed is education science the economy television museums universities

262.81 - 270.43
think of all the themes that have been food actually works for the people

270.43 - 274.39
did are out there building satellites the people in her out there

274.39 - 278.26
actually working for these based agencies that people out there teaching in school

278.26 - 282.15
as professors because they would all come to the conclusion eventually they've all being contributing to the life

282.15 - 291.2

291.2 - 294.2
why do you believe what you'd group prove it without using

294.2 - 300.01

Why do Flat Earthers go out of their way to spread the Truth of the Flat Earth?

We can't stand being lied to, we can't sit back and see wrong doing without speaking up about it. Most Flat Earthers are more than that,
we are Truth and Knowledge Seekers, we aren't content with just going through life like the masses! We want to know everything and
hopefully derail the machine that is keeping us in the dark and slaves to the system.

When the Flat Earth movement reaches the tipping point that's when things will change, it's more than the Flat Earth, it's everything,
nothing is what it seems. We are feed lies constantly, these lies are being exposed daily. People all over the flat world are learning
he truth, it's just a matter of time before the curtain drops on the Puppet Masters!